We’ve had the privilege of asking Baptist Minister, Gavin Calver, some questions about why he would encourage Baptists to go to Spring Harvest and get involved.

Gavin preaching– As a church leader, why do you think it’s worth while going to Spring Harvest? 

Spring Harvest is a unique place where you can be inspired, equipped and encouraged all at once. There is space to encounter Jesus profoundly and enough opportunities to dig deep into His Word and attend all kinds of practical seminars too


– Why would you want to take a group from your church family?

Because Spring Harvest caters for all ages wonderfully. For younger ones too there’s the encouragement of being around many more your age than there might be at home. It’s a wonderful place where all look at the same theme material played out very differently across the venues. All we been encouraged and blessed

– Why should Baptist churches encourage their churches to come along?

It’s a place where Baptists can truly feel at home and yet worship alongside many other denominations. Spring Harvest is like a picture of heaven with Christians from all kinds of streams celebrating together

Alex Drew

Alex has been working for the West of England Baptist Network and Seventy-two since 2015. She is also the team leader for the Seniors Ministry at Clevedon BC. Alex is constantly pursuing what it means to find her way in God's mission and how to help others follow Jesus, wherever that may take them - at any age!