When we started to prepare for Seventy-two to go to Spring Harvest I wasn’t sure where Spring Harvest even was, I didn’t know how to acquire an exhibition stand, I didn’t know my team members…and I didn’t really know what Seventy-two was. Thus sayeth the Seventy-two Administrator!

This was back in November when I started the job and the next few months, among other things, were taken up with finding my way.

I arrived in Minehead with a small sofa stuffed into the back of my car (Seventy-two definitely had the most comfortable stand in the Hub). Two hours later I was chatting with a man who’d practically bounded out of the morning celebration. He told me he had received the Holy Spirit for the first time.

Worship at Spring Harvest

‘What do you think this will mean for you?’ I asked him, and he replied ‘ I think God’s calling me into the ministry’. Boom – there it was – right there, that beautiful picture of God calling people to him and sending them straight back out to find the lost. I could have cried!

And so the days continued, story after story of people led by the Holy Spirit, discovering their purpose, finding their way in the mission of God.

Conversations on the stand

And what did I do? Umm, not much, mostly I stood wide-eyed and open-mouthed listening to stories of our God at work in the lives of the Spring Harvest revelers.

Not every story was a happy one of course; some people were struggling to bring change, to enthuse small congregations, to see God at work.

Ali Boulton speaking at the Seventy-two reception

Ali Boulton speaking at the Seventy-two reception

But all of them were relentless; on a quest to see lives changed in their communities and to see churches grow, relentless on their quest to be part of God’s mission on earth.

Regional Ministers on the stand

Regional Ministers from our partnership get ready to meet Spring Harvesters

Now that I’ve found my way home again, I’d love to hear your story about how God is helping your community to find their way in God’s mission and maybe include it on our website to inspire others. Email me via alex@seventy-two.network

Alex Drew

Alex has been working for the West of England Baptist Network and Seventy-two since 2015. She is also the team leader for the Seniors Ministry at Clevedon BC. Alex is constantly pursuing what it means to find her way in God's mission and how to help others follow Jesus, wherever that may take them - at any age!