Doing things with Gospel Intention is not about doing anything differently… It’s about playing golf and expecting God to open up opportunities

It’s clear that over recent years churches across the UK have begun to take seriously the call to engage with their communities. Christian communities have taken seriously the need, the call and leading of Jesus to engage with their communities. Many Christian communities are now reflecting on the impact they have made, with many wondering why they have seen little growth!

The Cinnamon Network gave us some figures four years ago when we wrote an article on Big Society: ‘Market research completed by the network shows that local churches across the UK contribute more than 72 million hours of voluntary work a year to their communities through social initiatives. This effort, along with church funding, staff time and facilities has been valued at over £1 billion a year.’

Let me share a story: A friend of mine arranged for a group of people to play golf together, but was wondering if it could be of any kingdom worth. The question of Gospel Intention was raised. He thought it meant doing a God slot and could not understand how gospel intention works.

Doing things with Gospel Intention is not about doing anything differently and definitely NOT about doing a God slot.  It’s about playing golf and expecting God to open up opportunities to share our own God story and touch peoples’ lives. It’s not about forcing opportunities but looking for opportunities that God opens up. In many ways it’s difficult to explain Gospel Intention, as it’s not about doing things differently but doing the same thing and looking to God, for God given opportunities to share.

For some time he struggled with this concept, but he tried to approach getting a group together to play golf with Gospel Intention. It was great to hear him share how things had changed and God had opened up the opportunities to talk of faith.

As individuals and churches we need to continue to connect with the communities around us, but with Gospel Intention, looking and expecting God to open up opportunities to share the Gospel story.

Talking Jesus survey: ‘More than half (58%) of non-Christians who know a practising Christian have had a conversation with them about their faith in Jesus. And 36% of people have cited conversations with Christians they know as an important part of their coming to faith.’

Continue doing the things in the everyday as before but with Gospel Intention!

Gary Woodall

As a Regional Minister, Gary oversees the development of missional networks, overseeing the pastoral care of network facilitators, ministers, and churches within WEBA. Gary’s primary relationship is with churches in the Southern half of the WEBA region. Gary provides ‘transitional ministry’ to help initiate new patterns of engagement with churches in particular need. He is the WEBA contact for those seeking to apply for Baptist ministerial recognition, working with our partner Associations.