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“Imagine your life as a follower of Jesus Christ where you actually get around to acting on those nudges from the Holy Spirit. You develop confidence in God’s creative work in your own life, to the point others actually ask you regularly what makes you who you are? You no longer begin your prayer time feeling as if you need to remind God who you are. Hopefully, starting, or joining, a DNA group will help you close that gap between your best intentions and harsh reality.”

In 2012, Nigel Coles published Christian DNA Groups, a workbook for the first year.

This edition is now out of print, and we are working on a new way to make the material available more widely.

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However, the real purpose of the book was to outline a method for meeting as a group of two or three, and learning, listening, looking and living together in more intentional Christian discipleship. You could get started today, and we’ve made this Quick Start Guide available as a pdf download to help you get going.

Click here to download the quick start guide

In addition, Nigel is always happy to talk to churches who are considering launching DNA groups as part of their discipleship programme. Get in touch with us using this form:

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“If you meet for an hour each week you’ll quickly discover you have time to ask yourself some searching questions, which will potentially impact your life and the lives of those around you. Essentially, we’ll be trying to embody both the great commandment and commission and I’m simply using the term ‘missional DNA’ to focus attention on this.”