Empowering Leadership

Jesus calls each of us to be an influence for him. That’s leadership.

Our challenge is to use as much influence, as we can, for Jesus and the advance of his kingdom. Wherever you’re starting from, the Holy Spirit is able to empower you to become everything Jesus intends you to be.

Most of us don’t feel like we’re leaders, most of the time. However, Seventy-two believes leadership is influence and Jesus calls us all, every day, everywhere, to be an influence for Him, that makes us all leaders. The truth is wherever you are and whoever you’re with is listening to you and looking at your life and yes, being influenced by you. Why not join us, so we can learn from one another, to become more like Jesus in every element of our lives and become a bigger influence for Jesus.

Empowering Leadership Articles and Resources

Further, Faster … Or Fewer, Deeper?

Further, Faster … Or Fewer, Deeper?

My life during this pandemic has been like living on a pendulum. Challenges and opportunities, losses and gains, sorrows and joys. It’s neither one thing nor the other for long. I know I’m not alone, but hopefully the balance for you is tipping in the right direction....