Forge Training

Founded by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost, Forge cultivates missional community around the world by identifying, developing, and training missional leaders, teams and practitioners.

Forge trains ordinary people to become missional and thrive in whatever context they are called. This may be in pioneering new things, church planting, working in and through an already existing church, or serving in a local community, professional or relational network.

Through a 9-12 month programme involving missional training, practice-led coaching, personal development, the forming of a supportive learning community, and networking events, Forge is operating in missional centres across England and Wales to help birth and nurture the missional church.

The South-West hub for Forge England and Wales, run in partnership with Seventy-two, has already completed three cycles of training. Here are some thoughts from previous trainees during their last weekend together:

Lorna’s story from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

Kami’s story from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

Cath’s story from Ruth Whiter on Vimeo.

The Forge network is led by active missional practitioners who are able to offer significant experiential training in pioneering contexts. Founded by Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost, and now delivered by Seventy-two in the Bristol area, Forge cultivates missional communities by identifying, developing, and training missional leaders, teams, and practitioners.

The key components of the course are:

  • A launch weekend followed by nine monthly training evenings.
  • Approximately 5 coaching sessions throughout the year with a trained coach
  • Additional meetings with a peer group for learning, support, reflection and encouragement
  • A placement in an existing or new setting
  • Formation: each participant will be encouraged to develop theologically and spiritually through training, coaching, ongoing reflection and social media.


In taking the Forge programme you will:

  1. Build theological and biblical foundations of mission for life
  2. Develop skills and tools to discern your missional context
  3. Be coached in developing more effective contextual missional strategies
  4. Form missional habits and attitudes that revolutionise the way you see yourself and the world around you
  5. Discover your gifts, passions, and shape for missional leadership
  6. Be equipped with practical skills and tools to become more competent and effective in forming and developing missional communities
  7. Grow in your faith as you step into new missional adventures
  8. Join a new community with travelling companions that will support and encourage you, as you learn to take risks for God and for the kingdom.

Southern Counties Baptist Association’s Ali Boulton recently shared with the Forge team ‘I have seen transformation in every single person who’s done Forge with us’. Wow! Is transformation something you’d like to see as you take your next step in God’s mission?


Further Information

The Bristol 2020 Forge hub is now underway. You’re welcome to contact for information about future hubs.

To find out where your nearest hub is, please contact Trevor Hutton at Forge England and Wales.