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Reflections on channelling our influence and responsibility in leadership for the mission of God.

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Covenant with God

Covenant with God

What might the Methodist Covenant Prayer mean to you this new year? Numerous church communities have recently chosen to pray this prayer together. In doing so we celebrate our relationship with God and affirm that we give over our day to day lives and choices to him....

Compassion, Mission and the Heart of God

Compassion, Mission and the Heart of God

I prayed a prayer at the beginning of January over a cup of good coffee, journal in hand, as I looked ahead into 2022: Lord, how do we serve and reach out effectively for you when we’re nearly two years into a pandemic? I’m still praying and digesting that prayerful...

Revive us Lord

Revive us Lord

It is not difficult to see the need for the church to be revived across the UK. The numerical strength of the church has continued to decline to a point where there are currently great swathes of the countryside without any meaningful Christian presence. This is not...

Hope: it’s good to see you again

Hope: it’s good to see you again

If you like cricket, you’ll probably have been following the England men’s team attempting to regain the Ashes from Australia ‘down under’. Even if you don’t, you’ll probably know it hasn’t been going too well. Yet there have been moments of encouragement. The third...

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