Finding my way in the mission of God

Igniting Mission

Encouraging one another to take the next step Jesus is calling us to make, to share more of his life with others.

Inspiring Discipleship

Encouraging one another to follow Jesus with everything, every day and with everyone.

Infusing Culture

Making a difference for Jesus by becoming a thermostat for the kingdom of God within our circles of influence.

Empowering Leadership

Channelling our influence and responsibility in leadership for the mission of God

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Divine Campaign: The Bible

Divine Campaign: The Bible

At the coronation of King Charles the Third, he was handed a Bible and was told these words… "Sir: to keep you ever mindful of the law and the Gospel of God as the Rule for the whole life and government of Christian Princes, receive this Book, the most valuable thing...

Appointed to Rebuild

Appointed to Rebuild

I want to introduce you to my friend Roman whom I met recently, as a result of an invitation by Future Leadership Foundation, who are focused on developing Christian leaders globally. He’s very focused on being called by Jesus Christ to follow him and serve the...

Jesus Shaped People

Jesus Shaped People

A senior Church leader recently gave me 30 seconds to describe what Jesus Shaped People does. I said, ‘We help churches make the things that matter to Jesus, matter to them’. In John 14 Jesus did not indicate that he ‘knows the way’ or even that he, ‘shows the way’...

Look to the Future

Look to the Future

What is your mind’s favourite time zone? When your brain switches off, do you tend to drift back to past days, remembering the good times - or maybe dwelling on past regrets? Is your typical mental state one of living ‘in the moment’, rooted in the things happening...

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