Some questions seem like massive obstacles to faith and to exploring Christianity further. How would you answer these:
Is there a God?
Hasn’t science made God irrelevant?
How can a good God allow suffering?
Isn’t Christianity basically just a myth?
What is the meaning of life?

Big Questions is a book resource outlining a 5-week course for any church to run, exploring and engaging with some of the biggest questions which our friends, family, colleagues and culture ask.

The book provides all the practical background to planning and running a course, help with sharing the vision and promoting the event, and full outlines for the five talks. These can be tailored to suit your needs and context.

Clearing the way to presenting and hearing the very good news of Jesus Christ is always important. This course encourages and enables the church, bringing all the materials and practical tips together to make Big Questions happen. It aims to be an accessible, thoughtful introduction to these key questions, to equip the church and engage your community.