Top Tips for including your Missional Training Opportunity or Event on the Seventy-two website

We’re currently using an events plugin for this facility – this means that one off events are super easy to add, but questions arise for anyone adding say a course or a training opportunity that doesn’t happen for successive days or weeks.

Event Title:

Use the name which you would normally publicise for your event or course.

Event Description:

We would like those looking for opportunities to get a flavour of who the opportunity is for and what it’s about, for the full details we hope they’ll go to your website or get in touch with you personally.

Event Time and Date:

  • For one off events, please just add the start and end date.
  • For courses or opportunities that span say a year or more, please add the start date and the expected end date. Don’t worry about too much precision, we would expect a person to contact you, sign up for the course and then receive the finer details from you.
  • For courses that meet say weekly, there’s no need to ‘schedule multiple events’ – it’s one course. You can add to your description that e.g. ‘we meet weekly on a Tuesday’, or ‘this course includes block weeks, contact us for further details’ etc
  • For colleges and similar organisations, you can either add the academic year dates here, or set a very long end date in the distant future – we don’t anticipate this being prophetic by any means!

Event Image:

Be sure to use an appealing image for your opportunity – this will make it attractive for visitors to our site and will reinforce your branding.

Event Category:

To help visitors to the page when searching, you can either add your geographical area, or the category in which your opportunity fits best. If there is a category which you think should be included, let us know!


In order for your opportunity to show up on the map, you need to include a postcode. Where you have multiple venues (ie you meet in a different place each month throughout the year) you can either use the venue of where your organisation is based, or the venue of the first gathering. You can include in the description something like ‘this course will be held at different venues in the Bristol area, our first gathering will be at Little Stoke Baptist Church’. Again this is not the same as ‘scheduling multiple events’ – it’s still one course and you’ll share all the details with participants before they begin.

Organiser Details:

Add your website here

Event Website:

Add the URL to your opportunity or event here

Event Cost:

It’s up to you whether or not you add the cost here, or if it’s something you share with those who are interested once they contact you.

Submit Event:

Once you have submitted your event, someone will check and approve that this is in keeping with our vision to help people take their next step in the mission of God, and that you have included all the pertinent details. Your event should be live on the website within two days.

If you have any questions, please contact