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What we all long for, from the deepest, most sincere part of our being is a deepening of our relationship with God. There is no shortcut.

Advent is a good time to try practising the discipleship cycle: Listening to what God is saying, looking for where God is working, living out where God is calling, learning what God is embedding. This model provides a helpful framework, which helps us identify something of how we are engaging with Him. Does this look like the habits of your spiritual life?

Practicing for Christmas is a series of reflections for Advent, specifically designed to help anyone reflect on their practices, or lack of, by drawing on the experiences of the characters in the well-known stories surrounding the birth of Jesus.

Each day you’ll get a few verses from the Christmas story, and a reflection by one of our contributors. Please remember that dwelling in  God’s word is the most important part of this process.


Each reflection will be available here from Friday 1st until Monday 25th December 2017. Sign up to receive them straight to your email inbox every day at 7am.

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