…finding our way in the mission of God

Our purpose is to be a catalyst for missional movement, across England and Wales, through Baptist networks.

The name ‘Seventy-two’, is taken from Jesus’ sending out of the seventy-two in Luke 10.

You’ll find our primary values there in Luke 10:1-12:

  • Collaboration: if Jesus chose not to do it all himself, why do we?
  • Innovation: it’s Jesus mission, not ours, but we are sent in his name.
  • Exploration: we’re not sure of all the details, but ‘go’ we must.
  • Incarnation: ‘don’t move around looking for the best cook in town’

Four Pathways

The outworking of our purpose to be a catalyst for missional movement is along four pathways:

  • Inspiring discipleship: We regard a deepening and widening of discipleship as the primary challenge for the UK Church. The multiplication of the DNA of Jesus in and through every disciple is our primary objective.
  • Infusing culture: The wider cultural landscape has shifted, leaving many of our Churches marooned in a sea of irrelevance. The challenge is less to engage with popular culture, more to infuse the myriad of cultures with which we already engage.
  • Igniting mission: Our Baptist roots go deep, so we recognise everyone is called to participate in the mission of God. Joining with other Christians, as a part of the expression of a church, remains important, yet we recognise Jesus has called and sent us all.
  • Empowering leadership: Who we are shouts louder than what we say. We are all influencers and channelling our influence and responsibility in leadership for the mission of God becomes crucial if others are to hear about and come to know Jesus as Lord as well as Saviour.

We believe we can all trust the word of God to shape us and the Holy Spirit to empower us.

Seventy-two is a ‘joint venture’ for accountancy and governance purposes within Webnet (West of England Baptist Network). Baptist churches and leaders are the pre-dominant network within which we operate, although we have an openness and willingness to collaborate with all who share our basis of faith. Seventy-two adopts the EA basis of faith.

Who’s it for?

Seventy-Two has an expressed aim to help people find their place in the mission of God, so that means anyone!

We focus our attention on helping people:

  • In local leadership of whatever kind, small groups, worship, special interest (eg toddlers, foodbanks, etc), deacons, elders, leadership team members, administrators, secretaries, treasurers, even Ministers! This can also incorporate people who are called to leadership in their sphere of employment.
  • The ‘others’, as in Luke 10, who feel called to follow Jesus wherever he has placed them, or as pioneers into new territory.

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