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About us

… finding our way in the mission of God


Our purpose is to be a catalyst for missional movement, across England and Wales, through Baptist networks.

The name ‘Seventy-two’, is taken from Jesus’ sending out of the seventy-two in Luke 10.

You’ll find our primary values there in Luke 10:1-12:

    • Collaboration: if Jesus chose not to do it all himself, why do we?
    • Innovation: it’s Jesus mission, not ours, but we are sent in his name.
    • Exploration: we’re not sure of all the details, but ‘go’ we must.
    • Incarnation: ‘don’t move around looking for the best cook in town’

Three Pathways

The outworking of our purpose to be a catalyst for missional movement is along three pathways:

• Inspiring discipleship: We regard a deepening and widening of discipleship as the primary challenge for the UK Church.

• Infusing culture: The wider cultural landscape has shifted, leaving many of our Churches marooned in a sea of irrelevance. The challenge is less to engage with popular culture, more to infuse the myriad of cultures with which we engage.

• Igniting mission: The crucial role of called individuals as well as regional staff in catalysing missional initiatives remains to be fully realised.

The Biblical foundations are built on the understanding that we are all called to live out the mission of God, shaped by the word of God and empowered by the Spirit of God.

Who’s it for?

Seventy-Two has an expressed aim to help people find their place in the mission of God, so that means anyone!

We focus our attention on helping people:

– In local leadership of whatever kind, small groups, worship, special interest (eg toddlers, foodbanks, etc), deacons, elders, leadership team members, administrators, secretaries, treasurers, even Ministers! This can also incorporate people who are called to leadership in their sphere of employment.

– The ‘others’, as in Luke 10, who feel called to follow Jesus wherever he has placed them, or as pioneers into new territory.

How can I connect with Seventy-two?

– Through this Seventy-Two website – resources and information to inspire our thinking and move us into action.

– Through Learning Communities – some of which we provide, others we signpost, for example:

i. Re:imagine is the current missional learning community for leadership teams developed by WEBA (West of England Baptist Association).
ii. Small missional groups. DNA Groups has helped hundreds of small groups of 3 or 4 to find their place in the mission of God. The material is currently being re-written, in the light of our learning from the first print run – but the potential impact of this area of development is significant.
iii. Forge Training – Seventy-two is working in partnership with Forge England & Wales and hosts one of seven training ‘hubs’ to equip ‘missional practitioners.

– Come and chat with us on the stand! Seventy-two has been part of Spring Harvest Minehead for three years now, and in 2018 we were also at Harrogate. Many people from our extended network gathered together and came and shared their stories of finding their way in the mission of God with us. Look out for us in 2019!

If you’ve read this far, why not join us on this journey?

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