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Finding our way in the mission of God

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Igniting Mission

Stories from missional communities and inspiration on how you can engage with your community.

Inspiring Discipleship

Commentary and ideas to encourage your walk with Jesus and to share with others.

Infusing Culture

Ideas and actions to help you carry your faith with you into the world and transform the communities in which you live and work.

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Where Would You Be?

A few months ago we went for a family holiday in Cyprus. As parents of a two year old, we thought it best to go for the all-inclusive package holiday option, which would not be our natural choice. The resort was lovely and we had a great time. However, being a mostly...

Please begin practising for Christmas!

We live in a different world to twenty years ago in so many ways. Ours is a rapidly changing context. You don’t need me to remind you that being a Christian today is becoming increasingly challenging. Some of my friends talk about finding ourselves in a new landscape,...

Smart Journeys In God’s Mission

Smart motorways used to make me think of the film ‘Independence Day’. You know, the bit when the aliens and the heroes are flying around and then suddenly, they lose control of their spaceships as the mothership brings them in. I like driving, and so I don’t really...

What Bette Davis Taught Me About Mission

On a rare wet day this summer, my husband and I were staying in an Airbnb in Ironbridge. To while away the evening we picked up a DVD for 49p in a charity shop. The film was Mr Skeffington starring Bette Davis and Claude Rains, who were both nominated for Oscars for...

Jesus On The Margins

For the last year or so I have been the oldest member of a group in Plymouth that works across churches to inspire people to get involved in Social Justice. Most of the group are millennials who are passionate about God and Social Justice - but that does not surprise...

A Booming Mission-Field

I was recently asked to comment on a quote. I took the liberty of adding to it and rewriting it so it now reads: “Almost since the 4th Century, one of the greatest failings of the church in the West is that instead of obeying the Great Commission and making disciples...

Investing In Friendship For The Long Haul

Take a look at the beginnings of Luke chapters 9 and 10. Essentially, they’re parallel texts, the details vary slightly here and there … but the only major difference is a number. From chapter nine where Jesus calls the twelve together in order to send them out into...

Scripture Union: Mission Possible

From time to time we like to share with you inspiring research which we believe could have a valuable impact in helping us all as we find our way in God's mission to make disciples. One such example is the recent Scripture Union research report 'Mission Possible'. The...

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