Helpful links

As you continue to find your way in the mission of God, we hope you’ll find these organisations and resources helpful – we do!

Forge cultivates missional community around the world by identifying, developing, and training missional leaders, teams and practitioners.

The Ugly Duckling Company are passionate about helping people to find life in all its fullness through the power of conversation. 

HOPE Together brings churches together to transform communities in villages, towns and cities. Great prayer, words and action resources.

Free inspirational discipleship videos, strengthening your faith and helping you live the more abundant life you were made for.

Renew Wellbeing helps churches open spaces of welcome and inclusion in partnership with mental health teams to improve mental and emotional wellbeing.

Inspiring and equipping Christians to reach, serve and empower older people in every community. Free resources, practical ideas and more.

Demonstrating God’s love in the third spaces of society in the quest for community.

A movement of nearly 2000 local churches growing healthy churches in relationship for God’s mission.

Helping people live out God’s living word creatively, show and share his good news confidently, and make a positive contribution to the places they live, work and play.