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Practising Prayer – Part 1

Okay, let’s get one thing straight from the outset: I’m not writing an article about prayer and spiritual formation because I’m any sort of expert. The fact is I’m a rank beginner who is desperately trying to learn everything I can so that I don’t make a complete mess...

Greek to the Greeks

In 1 Corinthians 9:19-21 Paul writes that when he is with the Jews he lives like a Jew, under the law, to reach them with the Gospel. But when he is with the Greeks he does not live under the law, so that he can reach them with the Gospel. The Gospel message does not...

Spring is upon us….

Spring is upon us, although I’m still needing to scrape ice off my car windscreen some mornings. We often talk about ‘signs of spring’ and right now, living in the countryside as I do, I can see them all around me: flowers, birds, hedgerows are all displaying signs...

Loitering with intent

I had a chat with the local Anglican Mission worker yesterday in his last week before moving into a new role. Ever since he arrived I've found him to be a kindred spirit. One of the things that united us was how we engaged with community, but what I call Incarnating...

Disturbed and disturbing?

I am wanting to disturb you! On listening to the story of the Magi visiting the Messiah again (Matthew 2:1-12), I was stopped by these words ‘when King Herod heard this he was disturbed and all Jerusalem with him’ in verse 3. Really? All Jerusalem? Not a non-anxious...

Mentoring can keep you honest

If you’re a leader in mission you know the central importance of making disciples. And you know that it’s an ongoing, lifelong process that is not a solo effort but requires partnership with others in grace-filled relationships. But as you go about discipling others,...

Dismantling Fear

I am not fond of spiders it must be said. But a few years ago, I realised that a grown man should probably not be reduced to a twitching jelly by something a thousandth his size and weight. I decided this inverted pecking order needed to be righted, and so I began...

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