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Stories from missional communities and inspiration on how you can engage with your community.

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Commentary and ideas to encourage your walk with Jesus and to share with others.

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Ideas and actions to help you carry your faith with you into the world and transform the communities in which you live and work.

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Catalysts for Mission

Welcome on board! You may be receiving our Seventy-two monthly update for the very first time, as we’ve welcomed a good number of new people resulting from conversations on the Seventy-two stand at Spring Harvest Minehead. Alternatively, you might already be receiving...

Practising Prayer – Part 2

I wrote last month about how I first came to put a structure to my prayer life: divert daily, withdraw weekly, retreat regularly, abandon annually. That was years ago and things have changed. However, the basic principles are still there. At the beginning of each day...

Animation and Challenges

I used to work as a stop motion animator for children’s TV. The thing I loved most about that job was that although I worked closely with a small team, once the shot was set up and lit, I was left alone inside a tent of black curtains to get on with my work in peace....

Re-usable Coffee Cups

Question: How can you help save the environment, save yourself some money … and enjoy being involved in the mission of God … and all at the same time? Answer: By taking someone out for a coffee and using our Seventy-two re-usable coffee cups. Challenge 1: Saving the...

Practising Prayer – Part 1

Okay, let’s get one thing straight from the outset: I’m not writing an article about prayer and spiritual formation because I’m any sort of expert. The fact is I’m a rank beginner who is desperately trying to learn everything I can so that I don’t make a complete mess...

Greek to the Greeks

In 1 Corinthians 9:19-21 Paul writes that when he is with the Jews he lives like a Jew, under the law, to reach them with the Gospel. But when he is with the Greeks he does not live under the law, so that he can reach them with the Gospel. The Gospel message does not...

Spring is upon us….

Spring is upon us, although I’m still needing to scrape ice off my car windscreen some mornings. We often talk about ‘signs of spring’ and right now, living in the countryside as I do, I can see them all around me: flowers, birds, hedgerows are all displaying signs...

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