Today the world looks different to pre COVID-19. We are emerging from a global pause and stepping into something new, with all the possibility and opportunity this brings. Economic systems and paths which lead to societal and environmental destruction need not continue. There is a chance to pursue something better together.

At Pentecost Jesus’ followers were filled with the Holy Spirit, empowered, and released on the streets to be flames of light in the world. This would mean going out into communities and declaring and participating in God’s good news. They would restore, renew, cast visions, and reimagine a different way to be as the spirit journeyed with them.

At this tentative time, I worry our leaders are not heeding warnings regarding our societal and environmental brokenness. I am concerned they are not now taking the opportunity to action on climate change and to focus on a more sustainable economy for all.

I believe God desires for us to be filled afresh with the Holy Spirit’s energy and power. Jesus summoned his disciples to go beyond their comfort zones, into deeper water, though he never left them alone. Now Jesus gives us his spirit, so we too are not alone. The Spirit moves with us, offers courage, strength, energy, and direction if we ask for it. With the spirit we too are empowered to join in with God’s restoration project in our local communities, we too can move for justice and act on hope. As we move out into unknown waters, we can engage with a new normal, but even better- we can create it.

Through Jesus and his spirit, a new world was born. At Pentecost Jesus’ followers were sent out in energy and spirit, to help build a world full of God’s truth, love, justice, and hope. Well here is a fresh opportunity to jump into the new thing that God is doing in our communities, as we seek direction, energy and the Spirits equipping.

After being filled with the Spirit at Pentecost, Jesus’ followers proceeded to share their possessions, to eat together and share life together. They proclaimed and lifted up God. They exercised gifts of the spirit like miracles and healings. No one was without. Our lives are not meant to reflect exactly the stories of Acts- we live in a different time and place. Though they offer us a helpful prompt.

Organisations like Tearfund are inviting us to consider our future, to enter the conversation and action shaping a better future together. With the Holy Spirit we can engage in togetherness and we can dream dreams. God with us means so much is possible.

I refuse to believe because systems have existed long term along with ways of doing things, that just because deeper change seems beyond me personally, that these are reasons for the status quo to remain.

In the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we are now invited anew to walk forwards boldly and hopefully together to make a difference in this world. Holy Spirit come like a rushing wind.


Rachael Warnock

Rachael Warnock is the Free Church Minister with the Emmanuel group of Churches, Northampton.