Finding my way in the mission of God

Igniting Mission

Encouraging one another to take the next step Jesus is calling us to make, to share more of his life with others.

Inspiring Discipleship

Encouraging one another to follow Jesus with everything, every day and with everyone.

Infusing Culture

Making a difference for Jesus by becoming a thermostat for the kingdom of God within our circles of influence.

Empowering Leadership

Channelling our influence and responsibility in leadership for the mission of God

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Thirsty – A dry and parched land

Thirsty – A dry and parched land

The first of a series of three on the desperate need for spiritual renewal in our lives, churches and land. churches and land. William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army is quoted as saying… ‘The chief danger that confronts the coming century will be religion...

Getting to know the Neighbours

Getting to know the Neighbours

I have lived in my present home for 16 years but it’s only in the last three or four years that I have begun getting to know my neighbours. When we first moved into this street I was the Senior Pastor of a busy church that took up virtually all of my discretionary...

Faith in Later Life

Faith in Later Life

The Bible is packed with examples of older people living purposefully for God, being respected in their communities, and sharing wisdom with future generations. Abraham was 99 when God promised to make him the father of many nations. Moses was 80 when he spoke to...

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