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Finding our way in the mission of God

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Igniting Mission

Stories from missional communities and inspiration on how you can engage with your community.

Inspiring Discipleship

Commentary and ideas to encourage your walk with Jesus and to share with others.

Infusing Culture

Ideas and actions to help you carry your faith with you into the world and transform the communities in which you live and work.

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Be an angel

Recently my oldest friend gave a talk where she pointed out that the word ‘evangelism’ has the word ‘angel’ in the middle of it. I’d honestly never noticed that. It’s not accidental, because the verb to evangelise means to do what angels do. We say, ‘be an angel and...

A small opportunity…

How big or ‘impressive’ do our mission initiatives need to be before we share them with others? I’m part of a small missional group in the outskirts of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Our aim is to connect with God and with our fellow (local) Christians so that we are...

Discover – Nurture – Action

As a catalyst for mission, Seventy-two is about helping ordinary Christians find their next step in the Mission of God. This often means signposting people to resources, as we have been doing at our two Spring Harvest stands this Easter. There’s one resource we’d...

I took the plunge….

Phil reflects on his first day on the Seventy-two stand at Spring Harvest Harrogate: Believe it or not I am quite a shy person. So having negotiated the exhibitors’ arrival bay, set the stand up, and eventually worked out where all the panels went I was faced with the...

‘Get up out of your seat’

Billy Graham’s death on 21st February 2018 has already been designated as marking ‘the end of an era’ by a variety of commentators. He preached to live gatherings of nearly 215 million people in more than 185 countries around the globe. Not surprisingly, it is claimed...

Are we nearly there yet?

Are we nearly there yet? If you have children, I expect you have heard that phrase more times than you care to remember. To them there is something about arriving that is the only thing that matters. Children can be so impatient, well to be honest can’t we all. For us...

Lattes, Jesus and sharing our faith

‘Let’s go out for a coffee!’ is a collective declaration of the coffee-drinking-leisure-hungry generation that we’re in. I’m a self-confessed coffee shop lover. It’s part of the culture of this generation. No longer do people invite a friend home for a cuppa, instead...

I listened to a raisin

My recent initiation into the global community of those living with ME/CFS has inspired me to see God and those he loves (all humanity) in a fresh new way. I’ve often struggled to empathise (or indeed sympathise!) with people who have hidden illnesses. If it wasn’t...

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