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Finding our way in the mission of God

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Igniting Mission

Stories from missional communities and inspiration on how you can engage with your community.

Inspiring Discipleship

Commentary and ideas to encourage your walk with Jesus and to share with others.

Infusing Culture

Ideas and actions to help you carry your faith with you into the world and transform the communities in which you live and work.

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Talking Jesus

Here at Seventy-two the scripture which propels our endeavours is Luke 10:1-12, the passage in which Jesus sends out the seventy-two to every town and place where Jesus was about to go. From time to time we like to share with you resources and ideas which we believe...

Every space is a place – even church

There's no denying that third spaces are fantastic places and opportunities to share God's love. I've had the joy of praying for (and with) an atheist at my kitchen table, giving my testimony to a fellow dog walker (he asked!), and sitting with one of God's prodigal...

Facilitating Change

The moment we get involved in the mission of God we are confronted by the challenge of change. God’s mission is all about setting to rights the things that are not as they ought to be, and that spells change. As agents of God’s mission, we often have a role in...

Big Questions

Do you like asking questions? To question is part of being human, to explore and investigate, to think and seek understanding. Children do it all the time! But when it comes to faith matters, some people come up with questions which seem like massive obstacles to...

Prayer changes things!

Prayer changes things … you know that, I know that, but do our practices demonstrate it? I had reason to go into Accident & Emergency recently, in a great deal of pain. As soon as I’d given my details into reception I felt my phone ping. It was a text from a friend...

Eager to hear

A team of at least 10 of us had an opportunity to spend time on a Seventy-two stand at Spring Harvest this year, either in Harrogate or Minehead. As the crowds poured out of the teaching and worship sessions each day, we encountered hundreds of individuals who were...

Be an angel

Recently my oldest friend gave a talk where she pointed out that the word ‘evangelism’ has the word ‘angel’ in the middle of it. I’d honestly never noticed that. It’s not accidental, because the verb to evangelise means to do what angels do. We say, ‘be an angel and...

A small opportunity…

How big or ‘impressive’ do our mission initiatives need to be before we share them with others? I’m part of a small missional group in the outskirts of Stroud, Gloucestershire. Our aim is to connect with God and with our fellow (local) Christians so that we are...

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