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Lattes, Jesus and sharing our faith

‘Let’s go out for a coffee!’ is a collective declaration of the coffee-drinking-leisure-hungry generation that we’re in. I’m a self-confessed coffee shop lover. It’s part of the culture of this generation. No longer do people invite a friend home for a cuppa, instead...

I listened to a raisin

My recent initiation into the global community of those living with ME/CFS has inspired me to see God and those he loves (all humanity) in a fresh new way. I’ve often struggled to empathise (or indeed sympathise!) with people who have hidden illnesses. If it wasn’t...

Resolve: A firm determination to do something

Well we’ve reached that stage in a new year, when if I were to ask the question ‘so who’s still sticking to their new year’s resolutions?’ I wouldn’t expect many positive responses. However, two particular places in scripture have provided the rootedness for my own...

Can you spare a cup of sugar?

I don’t remember it well, but I do recall a neighbour when I was very young calling round to our house, knocking at the back door - which in itself is unheard of where I live now - and asking my mum for a cup of sugar, or a cup of something. I also recall people...

Practising for Christmas?

On a personal level, I don't even begin to think about Christmas until December 1st - at the very earliest! In terms of local church we can't afford to wait until then, so I hope all your plans are in the bag and they simply need to be implemented … or maybe that’s...

Partnership for Mission in Practice

Jesus sent the Seventy-two to the towns and villages of Galilee in pairs, so partnership is our model for mission activity. This story, which first appeared in The Baptist Times, describes what happened when two churches from different parts of the country decided to...